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 New Eyelash Clients

women with eyelashes

Please arrive to your lash appointment with squeaky clean lashes. No eyeliner, mascara, eye creams, or eye shadow. When I have to work around makeup you aren't getting as many eyelashes!

 Clean your lash extensions daily, for the health of your own natural lashes, using a recommended cleanser. Brush your extensions daily, only when dry.

Lashes grow in cycles- the average cycle is usually 9-12 weeks. This means that the amount of lashes you have from week to week will vary depending on what stage of your lash cycle you are in. Each eye can shed between 2-3 lashes a day,  1 week= 21 lashes, 2 weeks= 42 lashes, 3 weeks= 63 lashes. Some weeks your lashes will look fuller than others and some weeks your retention will be better.

You cannot wear mascara on your lashes, doing so will damage the fans.

If you wish to maintain your eyelash extensions, please return for your infill within 2-3 weeks to keep them looking their best. I offer 4 different appointment times. A 60 minute, 75, 90, or 105 minute infill, depending upon the look you desire and how many lashes you have shed since your last appointment. Mega volume requires longer appointment times.

I am always accepting new clients! 


*Refunds are not given for any lash service

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