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              Volume and Mega Volume
                      Eyelash Extensions

Russian volume and is an advanced technique that requires a high level of skill in order to properly apply the lashes without any damage to the natural lash.

Russian volume is the process of using multiple fine lashes, hand creating a bouquet or fan at the time of application.This technique allows the fan to wrap the natural lash to allow for better retention. It creates a much fuller look with extra softness and fluffiness that you cannot achieve with classic lashes. When performed correctly it does not cause damage to your existing lashes. This technique is suitable for all lash types because it allows the technician to choose the proper diameter of lash to safely apply 2D- 6D, depending on the health of the clients own natural lashes.


Mega Volume lashes are the ultimate in lash extensions! They consist of the lightest diameter in lashes, allowing the technician to apply up to 15 lashes or more per natural lash, resulting in a dense, dark, extremely soft, and fluffy lash line. Mega volume gives you the softest lashes possible, while creating incredible volume while still maintaining the health of your natural lashes.


  Premade fans and clusters are not true volume. Because of the popularity of volume lashes, some salons are advertising volume lashes that are in fact premade, or "pre bonded" fans. The skill of your lash technician is often reflected in the cost of the service!

Choose your lash technician wisely, ask for photos of their work, not just a stock photo on a website. It takes many months, if not years, to perfect the skill of volume lashing, which is why the price reflects the artists work. Make sure your lash artist has been properly trained and certified.

It is ideal for the mature client who may have sparse natural lashes and also for someone wanting a more glamorous, dramatic look. It can be customized using different lengths, styles and curls to suit a client's eye shape and desired look from natural to cat eye. 

When done properly, they should look like your own lashes. Eyelash extensions should never hurt or pull. They should not feel heavy or stiff, or have visible adhesive. Rather, they should seem almost weightless.

Proper aftercare is just as important as the application. They should be washed and brushed daily for the health of your own natural lashes, removing any traces of makeup.

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